Rhelm of Yrk

Gruff wilderness wise bounty hunter


Learned glaive who meets out justice
1st Tier, 1 advance

Stats (Edge)
Might 14 (1)
Speed 11 (1)
Intelligence 11 (0)

Effort 1
Recovery d6+2
Armour 2

Wilderness Lore
Menacing presence

And generally skilled in discerning the truth of a situation, seeing through lies, or otherwise overcoming deception.

You have few social graces. The difficulty
of any task involving charm, persuasion, or etiquette is increased by one step.

Designate “Innocent” & “Guilty”

Fighting Moves

  • Bash (1 might) – pommelling -1 damage, target increase dif. next round
  • Thrust (1 might) – +1 damage slash or piercing.

Explorers pack
2 books (“Critters of the Wilderness” & “Journal of a traveller”)
Medium armour
Long Poleaxe

Notable possession: Rhelm carries a long poleaxe whose length and ability to penetrate armoured skin makes it useful to keep off even most of the larger critters he has ever encountered.


Expanded Character Background

Instinct; The One Thing your character unfailingly do
Rhelm always seeks out any information which might be practical in his further travels and carefully records it in his journal

Does your character have any Family?
He had a wife and daughter once when he was very young, but having been on a hunt he came back to a burned down farmstead

Who or what is your character Loyal to?
Rhelm doesnt have many friends, the few he has he appreciates

Who or what does your character Hate/Dislike:
Bandits, Ravagers … people who would take advantage of the innocent.

If any, which God/Gods does your character pray to?

Your characters greatest Virtue:
Seeing things in black and white

Your characters greatest Sin:

Your characters short term Ambition/Goal:

Your characters long term Ambition/Goal:
Making the world safe for the innocent

Your Ambition/Goal for your character:
Perhaps finding that his daughter is still alive

Which Challenge/Crisis for your character would be interesting to explore in the game?
Forced to confront that the world is not infact black and white …

Anything else: Plot hooks, other traits or features important to your character:

Rhelm of Yrk

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