This young woman has bright eyes and carries a beautiful bow.


Expanded Character Background

Instinct; The One Thing your character unfailingly do:
Always positions herself in the least exposed place.

Does your character have any Family?
Several, but sadly she cannot go back to them.

Who or what is your character Loyal to?
The Group. They saved her and helps her navigate this often confusing world.

Who or what does your character Hate/Dislike:
Cruelty and meanness. It just goes against the order of the world to behave like that.

If any, which God/Gods does your character pray to?
Sometimes she says a prayer to the Lady of the Dusk, someone she overheard some of her mothers talk about.

Your characters greatest Virtue:

Your characters greatest Sin:

Your characters short term Ambition/Goal:
Following and learning from the group.

Your characters long term Ambition/Goal:
Returning home and be welcomed back by all.

Your Ambition/Goal for your character:
Nothing special at the moment.

Which Challenge/Crisis for your character would be interesting to explore in the game?
To have her optimism tested

Anything else: Plot hooks, other traits or features important to your character:


Nomi grew up in a loving and caring environment, surrounded by her many siblings and mothers. She doesn’t quite remember all the deatails about her home, but there were large beautiful rooms and a garden where the flowers always seemed to bloom. Everything was kept safe from the dangers outside by the uncles, the stern, silent guardians of the house.

Shortly before her 13th birthday Nomi did something wrong, what it was she did, she still don’t know. The punishment was harsh; Nomi was exiled from her home by one of the mothers and ordered never to return.

After her exile, Nomi wandered. First the streets of the City where her home was, then the wilds beyond the gates. Life was a bit harsh at times, but there always seemed to be just enough food and shelter to make life tolerable.
After a while, she was found by a kindly huntsman, Cress, who took her in, and who, over the next couple of years, taught her many things about surviving the 9th world. It was during this time Nomi found out that she had a gift with the bow.

A little less than a year ago, Nomi and Cress were ambushed by raiders and Cress was slain. It is likely that Nomi would have died that day were it not for a group of adventurers intervening at just the right time. After the battle the group allowed Nomi to travel with them, for which she is very grateful.

She likes everyone in the group, but feels most connected to Rhelm, whom she tends to idolize.


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