Marghek Tygersquire

March Errant


Tier: 2, Effort 2
Might 24 ( Edge 1 ), Speed 13 ( 12 in armour, Edge 3 ) Intellect 9

Fighting Moves:
No Need For Weapons ( does stabbing damage ), Piercing

Charming x 2, Interface, Jumping, Mind Control, Speed Defense, Light Bladed

Gilded skin ( +1 to impress others ), new ear

Knowledge, Resist Mind Control, Special Healing

Great Aunt, Dame Killigrew Tygersquire, Lady of The Marches

Glaive Connection: As a son of Low Nobility, he has been reinforced not merely with synth – flesh, but weaponized muscle memory, liberating him to concentrate on more elegant pursuits.
Descriptor Connection: The more elegant pursuits. Also mind control. But now he must prove himself, by errantry.
Focus Connection: His inheritance as a younger son, & all he has to his name, save a March Errants Ransom. Also, Alysia Drayke knows the secret code word that can close him down for 10 minutes.


Kingdom: Draolis

Age: 18

Equipment: biomechanical repair kit, explorer`s pack, Golden Tygersquire Inheritance Body, Heavy Crossbow ( 12 Heavy Bolts ), Laser Rifle, Maul, Nibovian wife’s dress, Tygersquire stripe livery, transparent synth – sheath Medium Armour, Brass græshopper ( 10 shin )

Shins: 15

Laser rifle deplete 1/1D10 Dmg 6

Cyphers: Level 8 tiara Force Screen Projector

Synth Winter Solstice Lights


Instinct; The One Thing your character unfailingly does: Check for scratches marring his perfect, golden skin.

Does your character have any Family? Since Royal times, the minor Noble Family of the Tygersquires have quested for Numenera in the Beyond, eventually fusing them with their very flesh. The family is better known in such outlands than in their ostensible hometown of Qi, though it has the favour of the Amber Papacy: likewise, Beyonders of “pagan” faiths, such as the Fahat, or Our Order of the Lady of the Salt Way, tend to have less pleasant memories of Tygersquire Errants for Truth than pious Amber Papists. The Tygersquire family has an especially atrocious history with the cult of Lhauric, due to their use of the tigerlike razorcats as steeds, as well as the sects general unpleasantness. Most younger family members, including Marghek, believe the tales of Lhaurican horrors to be mere propaganda.

Who or what is your character Loyal to? Oh, scores of people, & things! Family honour, for one, especially that of the Dame Aunt; that nice Alaysia ( sic ) Drayke girl who fixes the old Golden Tygersquire Inheritence after a scuffle; those other people who risk their lives together with oneself, one supposes, even if it is a bother to keep track of all those names; Aeon Priests, well, the fashionably forward – looking ones, anyway: other machine people, terrible intolerance towards us sometimes, have to look out for each other, might be relatives, too: anyone one happens upon that does not try to scratch the old Golden Tygersquire Inheritence, really!

Who or what does your character Hate/Dislike: Hate?! Why, no! How ignoble. Dislike? Well, it is a bit confusing when other followers of The Order of Truth do not quite catch the drift of things such as evolutionism, & one never got the hang of why people so often go out of their way to be beastly to one another – leave that to the pagans & abhumans, eh?

If any, which God/Gods does your character pray to? Praying to anything is unamberish, &, worse, boorish. One is rather exited about the evolution aspect of the Amber lore, did you know that things just turn out for the best, naturally? No reason to plan ahead, especially with society, evolution ensures that the best suited naturally get to run things. Why, having all sorts of ideas on taxes & suchlike tiresome matters is a positive disservice to the lower orders, keeps them from getting ahead, & all that rot is terribly confusing, too! The Dame Mother became positively forceful about one erranting once one had told her all about it, undoubtedly a promising theory!

Your characters greatest Virtue: He is a genuinely friendly person, & fiercely loyal to those he befriends.

Your characters greatest Sin: Unselfconsciousness: he is completely lacking in self – reflection, especially any awareness of own privilege, such as being a literal killing machine. From an Order of Truth perspective, he is also a borderline heretic, though very evidently a well intentioned one.

Your characters short term Ambition/Goal: Finding numenera and using them to help others.

Your characters long term Ambition/Goal: Bringing the joys of Evolution to the toiling masses. Reinstating the Tiger Monarchy of Draolis would be especially evolutionary!

Your Ambition/Goal for your character: Making lots of friends. Nibovian Wives, for example. Oh, & reenacting the Heavy Metal movies “orbital drive” opening scene!

Which Challenge/Crisis for your character would be interesting to explore in the game? Conflicts between those to which he holds loyalty, thus forcing him into unwontedly complex intrigue: being forced to confront own lack of self – awareness.

Anything else: Plot hooks, other traits or features important to your character: His family would very much prefer that he stay Beyond, where his queer ideas can cause but negligible disruption .

Marghek Tygersquire

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