Alysia Drayke

Intelligent jack who talk with machine, mechanic, fixer, jack,


Intelligent jack who talk with machine


Edge intelligents: 1
effort: 1

Trained skills:
electric machine trained
speed defence

Specialist skills
Knowledge numenera

Trick of the trade:
skill with speed defence
practiced in armor

distance activate (1 intellect)

explorers pack (50’ rope, 3 spikes, hammer, 3 touches, 2 glowglobes)
light tools
bag of tools
Leather jerkin (apron w/ pocket for tools)
Crank crossbow (5), piercing (-5/17+), long range
12 bolts
Yulk, slashing (+1 unarmored, -1 armored)
6 shin

Injector w/ speed boost, (+1 speed edge for 28 hours)
time modul (melee attachment, 28 hours w/ +2 task modifiers)

oddity: Pen w/invisible ink (low temperature to see)


Born in the beyond.
No one have been able to explained her power to talk to machines
well like by locals as she repair stuff (like wells)


Expanded Character Background

Instinct; The One Thing your character unfailingly do: Always carefully examine stuff. curious and have a hard time not examing stuff she sees, which she do not understand how works.

Does your character have any Family?unknown if family is alive. She is an orphan, who was raise by her uncle Denie Fesh.

Who or what is your character Loyal to? Herself and friends she thrust.

Who or what does your character Hate/Dislike: Her uncle Denie Fesh

If any, which God/Gods does your character pray to? Order of Truth’s?

Your characters greatest Virtue: Persistence

Your characters greatest Sin: Uncle was member of the convergence and not a very good person. He taught Alysia a great deal, but at some point they had a conflict and she refused to get a machine to work for him so he could enter a complex. He tortured it out of her. She have not been very trusting since. She is ashamed for what she did for him before it was to much.

Your characters short term Ambition/Goal: Finding numera and learn there secrets

Your characters long term Ambition/Goal: find a place to call home and be powerfull enough that she can be safe. Find a purpose to work for.

Your Ambition/Goal for your character: A unique gift make her wanted by others and they will hunt her for the gift to use it. A coming of age character, that have to find out who see is.

Which Challenge/Crisis for your character would be interesting to explore in the game? Betrayal , tough decisions,

Anything else: Plot hooks, other traits or features important to your character: Uncle Denie Fesh, finding the reason for her powers, is there a price for her power and what can her power ultimate do?

Alysia Drayke

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